Vijay Dairy

"VIJAY DAIRY" is brainchild of Late Shri Jagjivandas Govindji Patel, father of four brothers who later on managed operations of the group.

Although the beginning was rough for this family owned and operated business, Vijay Dairy has gained popularity by word-of-mouth publicity. From beginning, promoters were very clear in mind that they want to provide the best and quality food products to the society. Thus, giving their contribution in creating healthy society.

Vijay Dairy has its own milk collection centres. This centres collect raw milk from milk producers directly. Company has placed BMC (Bulk Milk Cooler) units at distant location to ensure quality of milk. Transport vehicle collects this milk and bring it to processing unit. At processing unit, milk instantly pasteurized and diverted to different department for manufacturing other milk products.

Today, Vijay Dairy is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Milk, Milk Products like Paneer, Ghee, Lassi, Matho, Khoa, Khoa Sweets, Dry fruit Sweets, Bengali Sweets, Besan Sweets, Namkeens and Snack items.

Vijay Dairy has 5 retail outlets in Adajan - Pal area of Surat city, 1 milk collection centre and 1 manufacturing unit. Vijay Dairy’s Group turn over is 51 crore (approx.). We are also getting franchisee opportunities. These days, we are expanding our manufacturing unit to Ichhapore GIDC.

Now our NRI customer base is also increasing and we give them milk and milk products in best packaging, so that the products remain good even after long time.

We manufacture following categories of products

  • Khoa Sweets
  • Dry fruit Sweets
  • Bengali Sweets
  • Besan/Maida Sweets
  • Dairy Products
  • Namkeen
  • Chaat

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